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Bond and Song


A transcendent and blazing fantasy romance. Perfect for fans of Josephine Angelini and Laini Taylor.

“...heartbreakingly beautiful. I read a lot of books and I don’t feel like I’ve ever read anything quite like this. It touched my soul.”

“...oh-so fiercely romantic and deliciously sensuous…”

“I felt truly sucked into a deep emotional whirlpool… don’t sit on this. It’s worth the read.”

“The love story is epic…and will stay with me.”

“...has become one of my all-time favourites!”

“Highly recommended for those who like a mind-blowing journey between the covers of the book! Prepare to fall in love [...] and remain in awe.”

"Brilliant, beautiful, and profound. A fantasy so real that it speaks deep truth."

Would you save your world if it means sacrificing your love–and shattering your sanity?

My reality isn’t reliable. My world isn’t my own. The sensations zinging through my body and visions flashing through my mind—they are everyone’s emotions everywhere. Even everywhen. And I’m drowning in the onslaught.

In my mosaic of madness, I cling to snatches of green eyes wrapped in a velvet voice and soothing masculine scent. Until a desperate, far-fetched bid to salvage my sanity leads me into the Courts of the sensual, nature-connected Sung—and staring into those same smaragdine eyes.

The Sung keep Earth in balance by dancing in the Dark Song, the fabric of life. Here, among the energy-weaving witches and their fiercely devoted protectors, in the Heart Courts of the Queens, I have a destined place. I find hope. And I come home to a love long lost and half-remembered.

But the world is drowning, too; unravelling under the pressure of a humanity that has lost its way. And when the scales tip into disaster, I find myself on the edge of a cliff. If I leap, I may be able to save us. But when I leap, I will feel everything, until everything is all there is—and there is nothing of me left.

Will I be able to remember our love if I can’t even remember myself? For the Song is life...but can our love survive its depths?


Heartbreaking beauty and spiritual depth meet in this mesmerising sensual romance told in dual POV. Start reading now to discover this fresh and unique take on witches and feminine power.

For an added bonus, a percentage of all profits generated through the sale of this book is donated to for-purpose (nonprofit) nature conservation organisations. Thank you for doing good with your reading! 😊

*Audiobook out now!*

Don’t keep yourself from love, enchantment, and sacred remembrance…

Don't (yet) see it listed at your favourite store or local library? Just ask them to order it in, and know I'll be doing an ecstatic-author-twirl thanks to you! 😍

What Readers Are Saying...

This is a spiritual experience. It’s so incredibly moving and beautiful.
[...] you feel like you’re living inside the pages of this book. The writing is so surreal and unique. [...]

The love story is epic. It’s a love that knows no bounds. A love that transcends time and place. It’s the truest love. It is everything. 💚

Honestly, it’s hard to put into words what this book made me feel. It is truly an experience I don’t imagine I’ll ever forget. 
I hope people come across this book and truly open their hearts and minds to fully take it all in. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful. I read a lot of books and I don’t feel like I’ve ever read anything quite like this. It touched my soul and will stay with me.

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This book has touched some of the most intimate and delicate chords at the depths of my heart and soul. And it shook me to my core. [...] It has become one of my all-time favourites!

The love story is oh-so fiercely romantic and deliciously sensuous and rooted in so much authenticity and truth. [...] A Love that anchors the Divine here on Earth and bursts like a supernova of Love and Light changing the world forever.

This book is not just a read, it’s an experience that speaks to the core of your being, delights your senses and nourishes your soul, [...] and reminds you of what joy there is to be had from being alive.

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[...] I felt truly sucked into a deep emotional whirlpool but enjoyed it thoroughly. Sin was my favourite character hands down, and I think without spoiling anything it’s because he leaves himself so wide open and vulnerable and I adored how devoted he was, he really took it to the highest level.

I don’t believe I’ll ever read another book like this, it was truly unique and I mean it in the best way. If you’re on the fence about this book, please don’t sit on this. It’s worth the read.

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From the very beginning, Mera Akiana draws readers in with her beautiful, lyrical prose. [...] The world building was very strong, and so very fascinating as well. [...]

It was lovely to experience the thrall and passion of the Bonded, the Dance; the dynamic between Zaja and the queens was highly entertaining as well. [...] The romance is absolutely gorgeous to fall into; the process of falling and during that fall and even after that fall is so eloquently brought to us.

This is a fast-paced, eventful story taking place across different worlds that sometimes seem, essentially, completely separate universes. Highly recommended for those [who] like a mind-blowing journey between the covers of the book! Prepare to fall in love with the characters, and remain in awe of the author. Mera Akiana is a talent, and I cannot wait for any coming works! 

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Transcendent Fantasy Romance by Mera Akiana:  Decadent Indulgence that Delights & Seductive Enchantment that Makes Your Soul Sing!