The Kind of Love this New Era is Calling For

The Kind of Love this New Era is Calling For

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My first ever Goodreads review

Read on for…

  • My first ever Goodreads review & reaction to it
  • A brief interlude for the Goodreads-Uninitiated
  • An outpouring of love for you

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Ah, my heart! Slowly but surely, this book is blazing its way into the world… and every time someone tells me something they love about Bond and Song, my heart does a joyful little squeeze, bounce, and twirl.

And now… drumroll…

🥳 My first ever Goodreads review is in! 🥳 What are these raindrops on my cheeks?

{Pause—interlude—what is Goodreads, you ask? Oh, darling, discover the schlaraffenland of book lovers!

It’s a website where every book under the moon is listed and readers like to express their opinions, in manners frivolous, frothing, drooling, eloquent, funny, scathing, celebratory, and the like. Also your virtual bookshelf where you can keep track of all the books you’ve read—and the many more you can’t wait to read. Particularly well suited to finding your next read that fulfils that particular craving you have. (Yeeees, there’s a story here—for another time though.)

Goodreads is many things—the most important being: Vital to a big part of today’s teen, vicenarian, and tricenarian readership, and thus to the voyage of a NA book out into the worldly seas.}

Phew—wonderful—back to the (spoiler-free) review and the raindrops. Each one holds the taste of another favourite phrase… and paragraphs three, four, and five pack a punch! Ooooh-oh-oh-oh-ooh!

"This book has touched some of the most intimate and delicate chords at the depths of my heart and soul. And it shook me to my core. I resonate very deeply with so much of what Mera Akiana has written in this beautiful experience of a book. It has become one of my all-time favourites! I am truly grateful "Bond and Song" has come to me and I can only wish more people would be touched by it the way I have!

The main heroine, her struggles, doubts and weaknesses, her power and glory feel so close to me; I understand her, feel for her and relate to her in a way I have with very few characters in literature and film. She has a beautiful character arch of a woman coming into her full power - majestic and scary, tender and beautiful.

The love story is oh-so fiercely romantic and deliciously sensuous and rooted in so much authenticity and truth. Through it Mera Akiana expresses her view of the magnificent Dance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. It is the kind of Love this new Era is calling for, an eternal Love between two ancient, powerful souls, a Love that anchors the Divine here on Earth and bursts like a supernova of Love and Light changing the world forever.

Mera Akiana weaves into the story a lot of deep spiritual truths about the nature of reality and the essence of the feminine. All the "fantasy" elements in the book are in truth tangible spiritual experiences within the reach of all of us (which makes it all the more exciting to read). The world she has created in the sacred dimension of "The Song" is like her image of a perfect, healthy, happy society. And it does feel so much like the paradise on Earth I know is possible for us to create. So much of what she's describing are things I have deeply longed to experience and for our world to be.

The dimension of our world is called (fittingly) "The Loud" and with it the author is posing important questions about the failing structures and values of our society and the environmental and spiritual crisis we're facing if we don't wake up, change our ways and start listening to the Song - the Song of Life that connects us to our heart and essence and to the heart and essence of every living being, of the Earth itself and of the Cosmos. Only by living in tune with the Song can we be truly happy and thriving as individuals and as a society.

To me, this book is filled with so much meaning and it is also written in a very beautiful, indulgent, unique style. Mera Akiana weaves the words in a way that is as magical, lavish, delicious and sensual as the world she has created. This book is not just a read, it’s an experience that speaks to the core of your being, delights your senses and nourishes your soul, takes you to the essence of who you are and reminds you of what joy there is to be had from being alive. I definitely wish more people would experience the fulfilling beauty that is “Bond and Song”!"

Ohooo! It does? I do? Do you feel my blush? 😊

That’s all I’m leaving you with for today.

Plus this:

Thank you for being part of my publishing journey, darling. It’s thrilling and nerve-racking and you give it all the pizazz. If you didn’t read my words… I would only get half the fun of weaving them. So thank you!

May you sing your soul’s song and may your heart bloom in love,

Your Word Weaver,

Mera Akiana

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