Need a Laugh? Need a Cry? I Got You.

Need a Laugh? Need a Cry? I Got You.

Image Credit: Enthusiastic young friends riding roller coaster ride at amusement park by Jacob Lund Photography from Noun Project (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Why emotions are the ride—and magic—of your life

Read on for…

  • helpful ceilidh-inspired advice for eclipse season
  • an invitation to appreciate the gift of emotions as the magic of life
  • a nod to the mythical feminine power of Friday 13th
  • videos and songs (and a certain book) to make you laugh and cry

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Happy Friday 13th, and dark moon & solar eclipse weekend! Time for your Mythical Mera Missive—your personal love letter from your favourite fantasy romance writer. 😉


The majority of this missive gives power to your joy and laughter, but before turning to the micro of our own lives with a perspective of lightness, I wanted to take a moment to recognise the upheaval and feel the pain of the macro of the world at large, with yet more violence and conflict. And through the horror, insist on remembering that love and hope can find a way to flourish and raise us even where fear and hate destroyed and razed us, so our joy and laughter can liberate us from paralysis, bring our feet to the Earth, and help us take action for change:

4000 women walking arm in arm and singing together to wage peace—half of them Israeli, half of them Palestinian.


Phew, it’s been an emotional and energetic rollercoaster over here. What part of the fun park do you find yourself in these days? Gentle swan ride, bumper cars, free fall, spinning cups, dragon swing, merry-go-round, spooky house?

I feel like I could go on here. Turns out, every attraction to be found in an amusement park serves as a great metaphor for what’s going on on any given day of your life, don’t you think?

Sometimes it’s helpful to remind yourself that that’s the ride you’re on right now—and that the time will come when you’ll get off, and move on to another one. And another. Sit on the bench for a while. Do a double take at the clown unicycling by. Just another part of the fun. Notice the laughter one moment, the tears the next, and then silly giggles again.

Everything belongs, and all of it is your playground. ♥️

And did I mention the moon and the eclipses we’re heading into? Yeah, the universe is shaking your booty, getting you all muddled and whirled around and then sorted out and lined up again in this grand old ceilidh!

If you don’t know what that is, here’s a hoot of an explanation for you in the first three minutes. You’ll keep laughing if you scroll down to the comments—which will both reinforce how fantastic a metaphor for eclipse season this is, and hopefully offer some encouragement. The world will benefit from a little more laughing these days, so go on and indulge.

To wit:

“I was at a wedding with a staggering amount of guests (half of them from the USA) and the Ceilidh started. They all enthusiastically joined in. The first dance (I don't recall) was fine... Lulling them into a very false sense of security. The next dance? An Orcadian Strip the Willow... Carnage. Absolute carnage. One guy ended up crashing through the fire doors and into the car park, at pace, screaming.” 🙊

“I always misjudge how vigorous ma skipping can be, then somehow end up on the other side of the room and spend a few minutes just spinning around, trying to work out where the bloody hell ma partner is.” 🧐

“…And us girls get picked up and spun around like a bloody helicopter on steroids.” 😂

…yep, these ladies agree…

“I was spun around in the air so fast that my feet weren't even touching the ground and I nearly let go. Afterwards, I just had to sit down and try to figure out 'what on earth just happened?’”

“Literally was thrown and tossed about. It was amazing and totally worth it though.”

For me personally, eclipse season last time around put all the ducks in a row for you to read this very love note right now. Thus for your final bit of encouragement to keep in mind these days…

“They are fantastic because despite everything, everybody gets to dance with everybody else, they are exhausting but great fun.”

So, darling, if you’re feeling a bit wobbly these days in your personal life, just imagine you’re dancing a ceilidh, let go of your pretence of control, trust you’ll find your feet again (eventually) and give in to the belly laughter and the crocodile tears—and both at once when necessary.

Welcome home to the wildly beautiful ride of life. Dance all the colours. Taste the deliciousness of the lows and the highs. Feel it all, for that’s where the magic is. One more song in the P.S. for you to strum those heartstrings… (alright, two, really—one to listen to and one to read 😉).

May you sing your soul’s song and may your heart bloom in love,

Your Word Weaver,

Mera Akiana

P.S.: Oooh, I love these fun tags given with a five star review of Bond and Song on Barnes & Noble: Being in Love, Emotional, Tear Jerker, Instagram-able Cover. In that spirit, please write your own review, do instagram the cover, and for the sobbing part, here’s a spoiler-y song rec for you! If you’ve finished reading Bond and Song and maybe need to weep a little more… listen to this gorgeous song, and imagine it’s Sin singing—or Zaja back at the beginning. Either is 😭😭😭. Enjoy…

P.P.S.: I attended my first ceilidh while at Oxford. It was, indeed, bloody brilliant. Thank you, Celtic ancestors.

P.P.P.S.: Friday 13th! Lovely! If you’re thinking, uh-oh, bad luck—think again and return to your very first welcome missive. Friday! Freya’s day! 13! Moon cycles in a year! ’Tis a day of female power galore, darling.

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