Crow Wisdom for the Gloaming Time

Crow Wisdom for the Gloaming Time

Image Credit: Open book with text and picture by Scopio from Noun Project (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

How to release rushing and know you’re right on time.

Read on for…

  • crow wisdom—words for this equinox a little different to everything else that’s been flooding your inbox
  • inspiration for slowing down
  • permission to feel enough and like you’ve arrived
  • mythical reminders for how to trust and surrender
  • a jaunty and haunt-y tune by Heather Houston
  • the perfect book recommendation for the gloaming time and finding balance

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Daily, I’ve been hearing the caw caw of the crows, and each time, their call feels comforting to my soul.

Maybe it’s because a deeper part of me is reminded that I can see through the veil of mystery, soar through the portals of darkness, release and transform.

Maybe it’s because they herald the gloaming, the exhale of the seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere, and a deeper part of me relaxes with a sigh into the letting go of summer’s bright fire. Slowing down into the dreaming time.

What are we rushing for all the time? Hurrying towards the weekend, counting days to the next vacation, chasing the next goal and achievement. Get there faster, get there sooner. Rushing through life from pitstop to pitstop, rushing headlong right into death. What are we rushing for?

Maybe we’re rushing because we’re seeking. Trying to ‘get there’. To the ‘I’ll be happy when’ place. Rushing, seeking, straining, reaching, forwards, onwards. To that thing or success or dream fulfilment we want, so we can finally relax when we’ve arrived. Only when we get there, we’re already rushing after the next thing.

So what if we slow down… slow down… slow down… until we arrive right here and now? Savour this moment, taste this moment of aliveness. Breathe in and feel full, feel filled. Full-Filled. Let it all be enough. Allow ourselves to feel arrived.

What are you waiting for until you’ll finally allow yourself to feel arrived? Exhale. Let go. Soften. Relax.

Yes, the next dreaming will arise.

The river of life is never stagnant, it always changes. All living things grow. Yet nature doesn’t rush. So don’t rush and seek and solve. Slow into the dreaming time. Cloak yourself in the mist-ery for comfort. Then shed the weight of needing to know; release your shape until you can feel the wind in your wingtips.

Let the wind carry you. You’ll get there right on time. You’ll be here the whole way. You’ll have arrived before you even knew your destination. Caw caw.

My witchy words of the week for you, translated from Crow. 😜 Happy bright moon, darling. Slow down and look up tonight. Look for a shadow of wings passing in front of her.

For extra fun, some fabulous witchy words translated from Raven! Check out this delightful 2 min circle song by Heather Houston, and listen for the high harmony coming in at 44 seconds. Also read the lyrics and origin story of this jaunty and haunt-y little tune. Enjoy it here.

May you sing your soul’s song and may your heart bloom in love,

Your Word Weaver,

Mera Akiana

P.S.: Happy belated equinox! Last weekend, day and night were equal. Time of reaping your harvest and of releasing what shall decay. Time of balance. Guess what? I have the perfect book recommendation for you, for the gloaming time.

For slowing down (though the final third may have you turning pages fast). For arriving home to ourselves. For feeling into balance - between light and dark, between feminine and masculine, between human and divine. Between melodies in harmonies, between destiny and choice, between life and death.

For feeling into the kind of balance that is not the equality of sameness, and goes beyond the equality of polarity: For finding sacred union.

"Brilliant, beautiful, and profound. A fantasy so real that it speaks deep truth." Thank you, Cheryl! ♥️ 

Read Bond and Song.

Revel, swoon, sob, then review (interpretative dances on TikTok also acceptable).

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